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"Thank you for making this product available for those who don't have time for spas and fancy treatrnents. I have found my FaceMaster to be an incredible help in lifting and firming my face. My friends notice the difference and compliment me." – Lin, age 74

"WOW! This thing really works!! I'm 38. I have used it daily for 3 weeks. WOW RESULTS! The lines near my nose are diminishing and the deep lines under my eyes are too! The feathering works wonders! Just like any other exercise, if you stick to your program you will see unbelievable results!!" – Renee, age 38


Brenda has used the FaceMaster for 20 minutes on one side of her face.
• Compare her eyebrows and you will see that the one on the right is higher than the other. FaceMaster tones the muscles underneath the skin. By contracting the muscles, it makes them more taut and creates an uplifting effect.
• The eye on the FaceMaster side also looks more open and bright.
• The crow's feet are softened on the treated side.
• The cheek looks higher and firmer.
• The corner of the mouth is turning up on the treated side, while on the untreated side of her mouth is frowning. By stimulating the muscle from the corner of the nose to the corner of the lip, FaceMaster brings back the natural smile!


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The FaceMaster Platinum Facial Toning System

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FaceMaster Platinum Facial Toning System