Real Life Results

Nancy, age 46

I love my facemaster. I have been using it consistently for about six months, my face is so firmed and toned that people are guessing my age at 27, 28 and 33, my actual age is 46.

Very rarely does any one guess my age at above 33. When people look at me they think I am getting younger and younger as time goes by not older and older. 

They are stunned when I tell them my real age. People cannot believe that I have children that are 18 and 21. The facemaster is literally firming and perking up my muscles back to the place where they were in my mid twenties.

The more I use it the better it gets. Most women my age have atrophying muscles on their face. not me. My jawline is tight and firm, my skin also is tight and smooth. This machine has literally turned back the clock for me.

I can tell that if I keep using this I will never need a face lift. It is an absolute miracle. 


Mary Grace, age 39

I will be 40 in month. People tell me all the time I look early 30's. And when I wear my hair straight I get late 20's. Gotta love that.

The product really works. But you have to use it to notice the difference in your face.

It is a quick routine and becomes part of your daily regimen.

The compliments you get will be worth the time. And you will feel more confident as well.

I love my FaceMaster.


Sheri, age 53

In June I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after 4 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation was put on an estrogen blocker.

SO, at the 'young' age of 52 I felt older than I've ever felt. I decided to take charge and ordered the FaceMaster that has the two probes with the booties for tips.

I have been using it since May then and feel like a new woman. THANK YOU so much Suzanne for always being positive and upbeat, and most of all motivational in helping other women to be proactive.

I love continuing to keep my youthful appearance up, as well as feeling great from the knowledge that I look good. Viva La Facemaster!!!l


Ramana, age 47

I am a musical performer artist and with a new album and photo shoots and the album cover and t.v. coverage, it was imperative that I keep up a youthful image.

I have used the FaceMaster religiously. I have a birthday coming up and I can tell you that I don't look anywhere near my age and have my peers and classmates from school stumped.

The FaceMaster is my secret tool that I have in my cache of skin care and beauty regimen. Twice now I have been carded for my I.D. to either get into a venue to perform and each time I laugh.

This is the best tool I have ever seen on the market and I plan to have longevity in my musical career and I am so proud of how I look. Thank you to the FaceMaster for helping me to have it all. A career in my forties going strong, a family and a wonderful life.


Marie, age 59

I noticed my face changing (getting older). You see, I will be 59 yrs old at the end of the year! I work at a very busy high-profile restaurant in the Venetian in Las Vegas . Everyone there is in their 20's. No one knows my age or that I have child who is 27, and a grandchild who is turning 11.

It is tough being older in this industry. So, I was stressing out about ageing, and I bought the FaceMaster. I use it every morning before I go to work! It only takes 10 minutes. I feel it exercises the muscles in my face and literally wakes them up! What a difference and what a necessary thing for my being!

I truly don't know what I would do without my Facemaster! Think of it...a nearly 60-yr old woman, keeping up with the 20-year-olds...and doing it! HA I am woman, hear me roar! :)

ps. I saw you here in Las Vegas at a restaurant. I noticed how natural and beautiful you were, and I swore to follow you and your advice on beauty! So thank you for that! I love you and my Facemaster! Thank you for being such a pioneer in the industry!


Millie, age 78

You probably don't think a 78 year old lady would be so vain as to be using FaceMaster, but I've been using it so long and people tell me I don't look near my real age, so I'm not going to stop now!

I have always loved Suzanne Somers and I trusted her so I tried her product and needless to say, it has worked wonders for me.



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